What's a bozii

A bozii (pronounced BO-zee) is a uniquely portable, toasted meal. Each bozii is filled with a variety of flavors, super foods and premium ingredients ranging from Mediterranean vegetables with quinoa to roasted tenderloin and Maryland lump crab.

Our products are made from scratch and use natural ingredients – no preservatives, no chemicals, nothing fake. Many of our boziis use organic ingredients and we locally source whenever possible.

It’s real food. Really good food. Real fast. 


In 2010, Brian envisioned a better food. Menu selections that were unique and inspired. The idea was simple – create a natural, made from scratch food with amazing flavors that was easy to eat on the go. After two years of continual progression and recipe development, the first bozii was born.

To this day, we’re staying true to the original vision. We make each bozii from scratch. Only natural ingredients are used – no chemicals, hormones or preservatives. Our chefs are always looking to improve our food by using more organics and locally sourced produce.

Real ingredients make the best food.


We live by four simple philosophies. These philosophies serve as our roadmap – how we create our food, conduct our business and treat everybody we come into contact with.

Consciously Craveable

Flavor forward - that’s the basis of everything we do. From our boziis to our treats to our smoothies, there’s one thing all have to have before being offered to you – it has to have tremendous flavor.

Fresh herbs, fire roasting, fruits, vegetables and spices drive our flavors in our products. THAT’S how we ensure that everything tastes great.

Consciously Healthy

  • No preservatives.
  • Eliminating GMOs is our goal.
  • Organic and locally sourced whenever possible.
  • Nothing fried.

We go to great lengths to not only ensure that our calorie counts stay down, but strive to add only natural and non-processed foods to our boziis.

We currently incorporate over 20 super foods into our menu items and are always looking for ways to offer more.

Consciously Environmental

Whenever possible, bozii restaurants use recycled paper, LED lighting and sustainable products. Our goal is to have a low impact on our environment.

We will continue to explore ways to lessen our foot print.

Consciously Real

Our ingredients are natural and our team is genuine. That’s what we mean by “real”. There’s nothing artificial about or in our food – and we take tremendous pride in that. Our team is smiling, passionate and engaged. They believe in our food and commitment to quality as much as we do.

Nothing fake. Ever. That’s our promise to you.