Our History

In 2010, Brian envisioned a better food. Menu selections that were unique and inspired. The idea was simple – create a natural, made from scratch food with amazing flavors that was easy to eat on the go. After two years of continual progression and recipe development, the first bozii was born. To this day, we’re staying true to the original vision. We make each bozii from scratch. Only natural ingredients are used – no chemicals, hormones or preservatives. Our chefs are always looking to improve our food by using more organics and locally sourced produce. Real ingredients make the best food.

Our Vision

A Bozii (pronounced bo-zee) is a uniquely portable meal that is toasted to perfection for you. Each Bozii is filled with a variety of different flavors ranging from fire roasted vegetables to Maryland lump crab, Chipotle lime chicken and many other options in between.

Boziis are a healthier alternative to other fast food options, as they are much lower in calories, fat, and sodium. Every Bozii we serve is made from scratch with premium ingredients and are free of any food additives or preservatives. In addition to our made from scratch Boziis, we also offer quiches, treats, sides, soups and smoothies- all fresh, healthy and out of the ordinary.